Who am i?


A white Arabian horse who just reached her adulthood.. ready to be broken by her owner..

and I am that horse…

Arabian White Horse

my objectives is to write things down so that whenever i forget i can come back to this blog and press it all back to my head.

I am a bruneian, a muslimah, a volunteer, an animal lover and more..

Alot of things has come into my mind everysince i made this blog. it is still under construction though. just try to bear with the changes, still trying and struggling to modify this free theme to my liking.

Do give me your thanks and credits for copyrights

2 thoughts on “Who am i?

  1. Hi ili.. it came to my attention of your never die attitude in trying to defend the school fees to be as it is.. fighting so that the fees increase would not be implemented in the nearest time. Im kind of impress! You’re fighting an establishment that has power and means to dictate things yet you guys never back off from defending your causes.. you go girl! be a warrior! I believe the road ahead for you insyaAllah gonna be awesome! You have a leadership character and the guts to change and steer things up! Hope to see you become one in the future.

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